Given the current circumstances surrounding the coronavirus pandemic and recommendations from local, state and federal officials, both offices of The Program, It’s About Change are functioning under by-appointment-only schedules for in-person services until further notice. The Program, It’s About Change is also taking advantage of all available methods of technology in order to maintain operations and continue providing services to our clients.

If you are in need of assistance, please contact:

Alexis Gosik, Director of Operations at

AliceAnne Frost, CEO at

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The Program has helped me because, by them paying my rent, I was able to catch up on other bills. It took stress off of me for the 6 months knowing that my rent would be paid, on time, every month. The Program assisted me in tension I was having with my landlord. It allowed me to take money that I would have had to pay for rent and do special things with my mom, my brother and my nieces so we can make memories and bond, being I was locked away upstate for three years. The financial literacy class was good and it helped me learn about saving my money and understand my credit. Anytime I needed to talk, they would listen to me.

Waleska Guadalupe

I write this as a letter of gratitude for the act of kindness and caring that was provided to me. I received rental assistance and, because of the rental assistance, I was able to make the adjustments from prison to society much more realistic and doable. One may ask, how? First, I felt a sense of security knowing that I had a roof over my head until I could get on my feet. This was more than the boost that I needed. With the money saved, I was able to fix my credit and purchase a used car so that I could get back and forth to work. I was able to help out with the financial cost of raising my 12 year old son. More than anything else, it restored my faith in people as a whole. There are people that do care and really want guys like me to get back in the game of life and be productive men. To me, I never saw the help with the rent as a handout; I always saw it as a hand-up. The staff at The Program made sure that I knew it was a hand-up. To this day, I am grateful that my Parole Officer told me to go up to Derry Street and see the staff at The Program. It was never about a check from The Program – it was about a group of people who helped me get my life in order. The check was only a part of the process and, for that, I’m truly grateful.

Kenneth Washington, Jr.