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The Program Hosts Real Colors® Training Workshop

On Friday, 1/10/2020, The Program hosted a Real Colors® training workshop and invited any interested community members to attend. Presented in a fast, fun, interactive format, Real Colors® participants learn to quickly identify their own temperament — or “color” — and that of others. Using this powerful knowledge, participants develop more effective interpersonal communication skills and build better relationships — in and out of the workplace.

The training workshop was held in the Blue Mountain Room at the Giant Community Center on Linglestown Road, Harrisburg. The four hour training was conducted by Penny Sines, Parole Manager and Christine Stone, Reentry Parole Agent, both with Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole. Fifteen participants attended the training and worked together to learn about themselves and increase their awareness when communicating with others.

Training participants get to know each other during an icebreaker activity.
Participants working to identify their primary “color.”
Facilitators Christine Stone and Penny Sines work with participants.
Training participants Trina Waters and Kiara Buckner are having fun!
The “Blue Group” shares their values, needs, strengths and joys.
Training participant Patricia Washington shares the blue group’s activity.
The “Green Group” shares insight into their values, joys, needs and strengths.
Training participant Beverly Taylor explains her perspective as an “orange” personality.
The “Blue Group” poses for a group photo after networking and making big plans for future interactions.
The “Gold Group” shares their values, needs, strengths and joys with the group.

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