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Community Event Highlights The Importance Of Mentoring After Incarceration

Saturday, 9/25/2021, was an INCREDIBLE day at The Program, It’s About Change! The Program’s Mentor Coordinator Trina Waters had taken the lead in planning a reentry-focused community event at our Harrisburg Office to highlight the importance of mentoring after incarceration. The weather was absolutely beautiful and the event went off without a hitch!

A number of successful reentrants shared their stories and talked about how important mentoring was to them when they returned home. Add in some music, food, fellowship and REAL talk about the challenges, and victories, of coming home after incarceration and you get an idea about just how great this day was!

A HUGE thank you to everyone who came out to our reentry-focused community event today! We are so blessed to have so many dedicated, passionate supporters behind our mission.

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