Chief Executive Officer

AliceAnne is the Chief Executive Officer of The Program, “It’s About Change”, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to providing resources and encouragement to ex-offenders after incarceration.

AliceAnne holds a degree in Accounting from York College of PA and is currently pursuing her MBA with a primary focus in nonprofit management. She not only brings with her a vast knowledge of nonprofit operations and financial expertise but has a passion for the mission. She believes it is the mission of The Program to empower reentrants with the tools they will need to create better lives despite prior missteps. The Program’s goal is to ensure that any man or woman leaving incarceration knows that The Program is the place to find the help he or she needs, either through our services or it’s collaborators.


Director of Operations

Alexis Gosik is a 2007 graduate of Shippensburg University, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work. During her senior year at Shippensburg, she completed an internship at the State Correctional Institution at Camp Hill which ignited her interested in the criminal justice field. Since graduating, she has remained involved in the criminal justice and reentry fields in the Harrisburg area. She has served as a Corrections Counselor, Acting Center Director, Acting Contract Facility Coordinator and Business Process Expert for the PA Department of Corrections; as the Program Director for Gaudenzia Siena House D&A (a long-term, inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility for men involved with the state criminal justice system); and, currently, as the Director of Operations for The Program, It’s About Change. She believes that it is the mission of The Program to support reentrants as they return to our communities; celebrating small victories along the way, paving the road for their incredible successes.