Services & Programs


Family Reunification services are available to Parents in Dauphin County Prison’s Work Release program as well as those referred to us by State Parole. Because every family is different, our philosophy is not “one-size-fits-all.” We tailor our services around the unique needs of our clients. Our flexibility allows for individualized sessions for clients, their children and family members.

From our Evidence-Based Parenting Curriculum, trained staff provides:
– Comprehensive assessments, regular evaluations and sessions
– Specialized Groups are available to State Parole
– Clients include Parenting Classes, Parent Support Groups, Family Support Groups and Spousal or Significant Other Groups.
– Goal setting, emotion regulation, and parenting strategies for different age groups.

Care-Givers are able to bring the children to our Reentry Center to visit with their parents on three Saturdays of each month. Our parents come for an early morning Parenting Groups, and then the children arrive for a much-needed family interaction. Volunteer support from local churches provides assistance with meal preparation and additional resources. We keep our families engaged after prison release, and begin to see a new level of empowerment in our participants. This is an invaluable service for both the children and their parents.


We believe that choosing where a person will live after incarceration can be a life-changing step, and considering the positive impact it could make on future generations, no one should be expected to navigate this crucial decision alone.

Our Housing Program helps men and women who have been working find housing that’s affordable, secure, and sustainable.

Our Housing Program offers:
– Housing placement with rent assistance, security deposit, and utility assistance
– Financial literacy classes to help clients learn balanced budgeting, saving, and spending habits
– Mentoring for our clients to give them encouragement to thrive on their own.


Our Mentoring Program strives to provide our clients with the opportunities to strengthen their lives by building trusting relationships with Mentors who offer guidance encouragement, and nonjudgmental support.

The Mentoring program is a 9-12-month commitment. Our Mentors are known for their expertise, compassion, and advice while modeling pro-social behaviors.

Our Mentoring Models:
– One-on-one Mentor and mentee are paired and decide when and where to meet
– Groups a number of individuals together facilitated by a mentor
– Meets several times in a month
– Combination Mentees have a one-on-one mentor and meet with groups.

Here at The Program, “It’s About Change”, we value and respect the dreams, visions and goals that our Mentees develop, as they strive to become positive and productive citizens in our community. Our whole staff is dedicated to their long-term success in every aspect of their lives.


Whether you’re looking to acquire new job skills, eager for a fast-track to employment, our Workforce Development Program can help you.

Since 1979, The Program has been consistent in its promotion and enhancement of workforce development and vocational support for men and women ex-offenders. At the Reentry Center, we offer a computer lab to assist those on State and County parole in all aspects of workforce development. After a comprehensive intake, someone is always there to help you through a comprehensive job search, with a focus on long term sustainable employment.

The Program, “It’s About Change” Workforce Development Initiative provides:
– Assistance in acquiring a GED or High School Diploma (in partnership with affiliates)
– Soft Skills (i.e. Communication, dress, attitude, self-talk)
– Customer Service Skills training
– Job Training and “People Skills”
– Federal Bonding
– Computer Literacy
– Resume Assistance
– Job Placement Assistance
– Financial Literacy
– Mentoring
– Wrap Around Services