Family Reunification

Family Reunification services are available to Parents in Dauphin County Prison’s Work Release program as well as those referred to us by State Parole. Because every family is different, our philosophy is not “one-size-fits-all.” We tailor our services around the unique needs of our clients. Our flexibility allows for individualized sessions for clients, their children and family members.

From our Evidence-Based Parenting Curriculum, trained staff provides:

  • Comprehensive assessments, regular evaluations and sessions
  • Specialized Groups are available to State Parole
  • Clients include Parenting Classes, Parent Support Groups, Family Support Groups and Spousal or Significant Other Groups.
  • Goal setting, emotion regulation, and parenting strategies for different age groups.

Care-Givers are able to bring the children to our Reentry Center to visit with their parents on three Saturdays of each month. Our parents come for an early morning Parenting Groups, and then the children arrive for a much-needed family interaction. Volunteer support from local churches provides assistance with meal preparation and additional resources. We keep our families engaged after prison release, and begin to see a new level of empowerment in our participants. This is an invaluable service for both the children and their parents.