Our Mentoring program strives to provide our clients with the opportunities to strengthen their lives by building trusting relationships with Mentors who offer guidance encouragement, and nonjudgmental support. Our evidenced-based Mentoring program for men and women focuses on those who have suffered from drug or alcohol addiction, been a victim of domestic violence, or experienced trauma.

The Mentoring program is a 9 – 12 month commitment. Our Mentors are known for their expertise, compassion and advice while modeling pro-social behaviors. Staff-assisted goal planning provides the client with available resources to promote a stable family structure and successful route toward self-sufficiency.

Upon consistent contact, a gift card from The PROGRAM will be awarded. When a Mentee successfully participates consistently for six months, they are eligible to become a Mentor.

Our Mentoring Models:

  • One-on-one
    • Mentor and Mentee are paired and decide when and where to meet
  • Groups
    • A number of individuals together facilitated by a Mentor
    • Group meetings are held several times per month
  • Combination
    • Mentees have a one-on-one Mentor and meet with groups.

Here at The Program, “It’s About Change”, we value and respect the dreams, visions and goals that our Mentees develop, as they strive to become positive and productive citizens in our community. Our whole staff is dedicated to their long-term success in every aspect of their lives.


Our Mentors Value:
  • The Mentee as a person;
  • Development of mutual trust and respect;
  • Maintenance of confidentiality;
  • Listening to what is being said and how it is being said;
  • Helping the Mentee solve his or her own problem, rather than giving direction;
  • Focusing on the Mentee’s development and resisting the urge to produce a clone.

If you’re interested in becoming a Mentor for The Program, complete the following application: