Workforce Development

Whether you’re looking to acquire new job skills, eager for a fast-track to employment, our Workforce Development Program can help you.

Since 1979, The Program has been consistent in its promotion and enhancement of workforce development and vocational support for men and women ex-offenders. After a comprehensive intake, someone is always there to help you through a job search, with a focus on long term sustainable employment.

Through our Workforce Development program, we are able to provide:

  • Job Placement Assistance;
  • Assistance in acquiring a state-issued ID, birth certificate and / or Social Security card;
  • Assistance in acquiring a GED or High School Diploma (in partnership with affiliates);
  • Development and enhancement of soft skills (i.e. communication, dress, attitude, self-talk);
  • Customer Service skills training;
  • Job Training and “People Skills”;
  • Federal Bonding;
  • Computer Literacy;
  • Resume Assistance;
  • Financial Literacy classes;
  • One-on-one job coaching.

Workforce Development program incentives include:

  • Transportation assistance (bus passes and additional forms of transportation)
  • Interview clothes
  • Work uniforms
  • Steel-toes boots
  • Two-way radios
  • Non-slip shoes