RISE4Work, Inc. is an affiliate of “The PROGRAM, It’s About Change,” which offers full-time employment opportunities to our clients. By specializing in helping those with criminal backgrounds, veterans’ status, or disabilities find jobs, we’re uniquely positioned to open up new opportunities and give clear direction on next-steps to a better way of life for our clients.

Immediate job opportunities are sourced from RISE4Work, Inc.

We work with local employers to make sure our clients are guaranteed jobs after completing our program.

RISE4Work, Inc. Benefits To Employers

  • Our employees are Federally Bonded.
  • Lessen payroll tax burden.
  • We take responsibility to help mitigate the complexities and risks behind hiring.
  • We facilitate the opportunity to people returning home after incarceration or the military.
  • Enhancing the community in which you do business by putting people to work.