Youth Reentry Program

Youth Reentry Program staff work directly with youth clients and their families during the Reentry Period to establish and implement a viable, tailored Aftercare Plan.  Staff provide direct advocacy during placement and in the community.

  • For youth ages 15 -24
  • Referral-based client identification
  • Individualized planning and advocacy
  • Visits and meetings prior to discharge, if necessary, to create a smooth transition
  • Coordinate youth and family access to supportive services
  • School enrollment, placement, and stability
  • Identify and overcome barriers to the reentry process

Key Transitional Focus Areas

  • Discharge Planning Assistance
  • Community Resource Coordination
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Behavioral Health
  • School and Family Support
  • Resource Coordination

Aftercare Planning and Implementation

  • Program staff attend Multi-disciplinary Team Meetings
  • Release/discharge planning begins during treatment
  • Program staff attends facility discharge meetings
  • Frequent check-ins begin upon discharge with Client and Release Resources
  • Coordination of Services, Needs, and Goals