Stories of Inspiration


Workforce Development

After spending 18 years within the confines of Pennsylvania Department of Corrections, I believed there was very little anyone could do to assist with my reentry. I’ve never been so happy to be wrong! While some other well-meaning groups talk, the folks at The Program put in the work. More specifically they have been willing to work as hard as I have to become a successful reentrant.

From before the date of my release the folks at The Program were professional and courteous. They understand the challenges and realities of reentering society. Since that time and through my release the folks at The Program have provided much needed guidance and insight, and not only directly but also through a vast network of professionals who genuinely want to help reentrants.

The Program has helped me to find a safe place to live, navigate the complexities of finding work, dealing with the government for food and medical assistance, putting me in touch with a professional to help sort out my financial future, finding me a mentor, and so much more. Reentry takes work if you’re willing to put in the effort the folks at The Program will be right there with you shining the light showing you which tools to use and how to use them to get and stay free.


Family Reunification

I’m living my success story every day. It’s slow but I am moving forward. I am very patient with my situation and I manage to wake up every day happy at Work Release. I didn’t know what self-esteem was or my self-worth. I give myself affirmations every day. The picture of how amazing I am becomes clearer every day. I was so out of focus before. The Program has really instilled the feeling of hope. Seeing woman who have been worse off then me and are doing well is an inspiration. I no longer let my past define me. I do embrace it as part of my story now. I’m looking forward to using the education towards being a better parent. I want to be a more positive role model in my children’s lives. Today I am able to stand tall and take steps to rebuild the damaged relationships that my actions have caused.


Housing Assistance

I write this as a letter of gratitude for the act of kindness and caring that was provided to me. I received rental assistance and because of the rental assistance I was able to make the adjustments from prison to society much more realistic and doable. One may ask how, first I felt a sense of security knowing that I had a roof over my head until I could get on my feet. This was more than the boast that I needed. With the money saved I was able to fix my credit and purchase a used car so that I could get back and forth to work. I was able to help out with the financial cost of raising my 12 year old son, more than anything else it restored my faith in people as a whole. There are people that do care and really wat guys like me to get back in the game of life and be productive men. TO me I never saw the help with the rent as a handout; I always saw it as a hand-up. The staff at The Program made sure that I knew it was a hand-up. TO this day I am grateful that my parole officer told me to go up to Derry Street and see the staff at The Program. It was never about a check from The Program it was about a group of people who helped me get my life in order. The check was only a part of the process and for that I’m truly grateful.


When I first came into the program I was very scared. I wanted help. I am a very young mother with 3 beautiful children that need a good mommy. I came here with an open mind and willingness to learn. The last 2 months have changed me in so many ways. I have grown as a woman and a parent. I have formed a bond with the other ladies in The Program, along with the girls in work release. I have learned that I am a person of importance and I matter. I have made mistakes. I don’t need to stay stuck in those mistakes anymore. I also have some guilt for the things I have done but I am finally able to move past them. I now know I am worth having a good life. The Program doesn’t just deal with teaching parenting skills it’s about having more support systems in your life. Without The Program I’m not sure if I would be able to know my own worth. I deserve to have my children today. I will keep showing up!