Stories Of Inspiration

Success is…it works if you work it. The Program has given me the necessary tools needed for me to set a foundation of productive living. Upon arriving, I was greeted with arms of motivation. They set me up with structure – generating, first, an income. Next was budgeting this income to become independent. Second was becoming financially informed. Understanding the core of budgeting, for a productive living, they assisted me in fixing my credit and organizing paying my debt. The Program paid six months of my rent to help me reorganize my life, giving me the room I needed to catch up on my past debt due to incarceration. I was even able to reconnect with my daughter and provide financial support to her. The Program gave me the support I needed to be productive in all aspects of life. Upon completion of The Program, I had saved up over $3,000 and paid a great portion of my debt. I was able to get 3 major credit cards and purchase a car. I had a chance to structure my life and also my business.

Kahim Davis

This is hardly a “success story” according to the conventional sense, but from all I’ve seen and “DONE” it’s a success to me. It’s the good in the world like “The Program”, that causes people like me to reconsider their choices.  Without good people and programs like yours I’d be in a much darker place at this juncture. Thanks to you and so many others, I was able to start a small business, even with my background, and it is doing well – Even now 4/19/2020.  I believe that the type of good that’s shown through programs and people like you changes the world for the better and gives us all a reason to hope!! Thank you!

Jason Boehm

Life can be hard. It’s all about the choices we make. Sometimes we make bad choices, and sometimes we have to deal with the consequences. I used to be a lot of things, but my God meets me where I’m at. The Program believed in me when no one else did, and for that, my family and I are forever grateful. Thank you so much for your love and support.


I am not from PA and I have no family here. I was employed but not making enough money. When I first came to The Program, I felt it was a great opportunity to finally be able to get my finances back on track. The Program helped me keep a roof over my head and obtain financial freedom while being able to get back on track and out of my living conditions at the time. I’m now ahead on my student loans and gained a rainy day fund.  The financial classes were helpful. I was taught a lot about banking and credit improvements.  I was also taught the road to being financially stable has to begin with taking a hard look at your spending habits and that has helped me tremendously. The staff has been very supportive and always been resourceful, especially my case manager.

Jeremy Sparkman

The Program has helped me develop avenues essential to my successful re-entry into society. They have done this by working with my Parole Agent for referral purposes, thereby granting me my mentor, who through his own area of expertise, knowledge and resources has provided opportunities that have helped me sustain healthy relationships as well as helped me create goals imperative to success. The Program has helped me develop a savings plan through their housing assistance program as well as provided me with financial knowledge with their Finance class.

Thomas "Tommy" Price

My name is Michael Williams and I did 5 years in prison. Then, I went to a halfway house for 10 months, got my apartment and was released. I was out for a month and started drinking. It wasn’t long until my PO found me drunk, so he put my in a rehab. That is where I was introduced to The Program. The Program gave me a Mentor named Kenny. Kenny introduced me to an AA meeting – that is where I learned that I was an alcoholic. With the help of my Mentor, Kenny, and The Program, I learned that I can live life without alcohol. I got a sponsor and kept going to meetings. And, with the help of my Mentor and my sponsor, I’m 14 months clean and I never felt this good in my entire life. If you are getting started with recovery, I recommend The Program. It is a wonderful program to start your life over again.

Michael Williams

The Program, It’s About Change has been able to help me out with my rent.  They have never let me down.  It’s a great program to work with and they always help when you are in need.  They are always there to talk to you.  The Financial Literacy Classes have been helpful because I have learned about things that I was not aware of. 

Carlos Rivera-Roberto

I would like thank The Program for providing me with housing assistance while I obtained my CDL license.  Because of The Program, I was able to acquire the skills I needed for a higher paying job without the stress that accompanies reintegration into society. I am forever indebted to The Program, and I especially thank Mrs. Alice-Anne and Ms. Julia, who continue to be instrumental in my success.  Because of The Program, I am on my way to reach heights one could only imagine to become a productive member of society. 

Dexter Kirkland

I just wanted to let you know what I learned in this program. I learned how to manage money and to have my own bank account. I am learning now how to own my own house. The financial literacy class taught me a lot and I was happy to take this program. Life is a little bit easier now. The Program’s Housing Assistance allowed me to save a lot of money. My rent is paid 4 months in advance, thanks to the assistance The Program provided me.

Rosenette Trinta

My name is Will. I am 14 years clean from drugs and alcohol. I did 13 years in state prison. I was released after 13 years in SCI Graterford. Life has changed. There were many fears when I got out about how I was going to make a new life for myself. About how things were going to be. If I could even, make it. Or if I would go back to prison. Upon my release, I gained employment at Vantage Foods where I was promoted to a mechanical operator in there roll stock department. This is my first job that I have held for more than a year. I have made many new friends who have become vital to my support system. I just recently made my one-year anniversary of being out of prison. This year has been many new experiences for me and a lot of first-time experiences. The Program’s Housing Assistance program has allowed me to manage and save my money. I was able to budget my money and can now look into purchasing a car. I owe my success to the help I received by my prison mentor Robert Rhodes from the Pennsylvania Prison Society, who worked with The Program and helped me find my place where I now live and who was my go between in communicating with the outside; The Program that has been there to guide me in my first year out; and to Keith Sultzbaugh, CEO of Accountable Prison Ministries, who is my mentor through The Program. Keith has not only been my mentor. I consider Keith a good friend who has helped me in times of need and has helped me gain my own furniture so I can own my own stuff.

William Reseigh