Kahim Davis

Success is…it works if you work it. The Program has given me the necessary tools needed for me to set a foundation of productive living. Upon arriving, I was greeted with arms of motivation. They set me up with structure – generating, first, an income. Next was budgeting this income to become independent. Second was becoming financially informed. Understanding the core of budgeting, for a productive living, they assisted me in fixing my credit and organizing paying my debt. The Program paid six months of my rent to help me reorganize my life, giving me the room I needed to catch up on my past debt due to incarceration. I was even able to reconnect with my daughter and provide financial support to her. The Program gave me the support I needed to be productive in all aspects of life. Upon completion of The Program, I had saved up over $3,000 and paid a great portion of my debt. I was able to get 3 major credit cards and purchase a car. I had a chance to structure my life and also my business.