Sydney Donohue

Sydney Donohue is a single mother who was motivated to be the best mother she could be. As a result, Ms. Donohue successfully completed The PROGRAM’s Family Reunification program in March 2022. Ms. Donohue has had to overcome certain challenges and her determination continues to shine through. Ms. Donohue works many over time hours to provide for her family, but, when it came to her participation in the Family Reunification program, she was consistent and committed. Ms. Donohue was early to each session and her participation in discussions was outstanding.  Ms. Donohue shared that the Family Reunification program afforded her the opportunity to “open up in a way that [she] had not in a while.” Ms. Donohue spoke often about her son and how much she desired to be everything he needed her to be. She spoke often about some of the sacrifices she has had to make not only for his protection, but also so that he may flourish in his environment. Ms. Donohue was always a pleasure to meet with and her grasp of the concepts was impressive. She is the first client to complete the Family Reunification program in the first quarter of 2022 and we celebrate her success and wish her well in her future endeavors.